Wim Jansen

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Speaker normalization by (piecewise) linear warping of the frequency axis is a popular method because of its simplicity and effectiveness. However, when this so-called vocal tract length normalization is applied to map test speakers with a shorter vocal tract onto acoustic models trained on speakers with a longer vocal tract, there is important information(More)
INTRODUCTION In breast conserving radiotherapy differences of target volume delineations between observers do occur. We evaluated whether delineations based on co-registered computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging may result in an improved consistency between observers. We used the delineation conformity index (CI) to compare clinical(More)
PRIMARY OBJECTIVE To investigate whether the development of coagulopathy at different stages after isolated traumatic brain injury (TBI) is associated with distinct cranial computed tomography characteristics. RESEARCH DESIGN Retrospective cohort study in 226 patients with moderate-to-severe isolated TBI who were categorized as subjects without(More)
  • Albers-Heitner, Lagro-Janssen, P L Berghmans, L C M Winkens, Jonge, A De & Joore +9 others
  • 2011
Scientific publications Abdelmoneium, A. (2010). Policy and practice: non-governmental organisations and the health delivery system for displaced children in Khartoum, Sudan. (2010). Experiences and attitudes of nurse specialists in primary care regarding their role in care for patients with urinary incontinence. (2010). Cost-effectiveness of involving(More)
The aims of this paper are twofold: (1) identifying the " winners " and " losers " in China's economic transition via regression analyses on income using repeated cross-sectional data at individual levels over the entire period of economic reform, and (2) linking the " winners " and " losers " categories to the income inequality at the aggregate level by(More)
  • A L M Lagro-Janssen, B J A M Copromotoren, P Bottema, Verdonk, Weel C Van, H Copromotor +12 others
  • 2010
Jans, S. (2012). Screening for anaemia and haemoglobinopathy before and during pregnancy. Shiripinda, S. (2012). Sex, HIV and aids : practices and ideas of Zimbabwean women on sexuality and prevention of infection.
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