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Peristaltic motor activity of the gut is an essential activity to sustain life. In each gut organ, a multitude of overlapping mechanisms has developed to acquire the ability of coordinated contractile activity under a variety of circumstances and in response to a variety of stimuli. The presence of several simultaneously operating control systems is a(More)
The hypothesis was put forward by Thuneberg that rhythmically contracting interstitial cells of Cajal (ICC) were sensing stretch of the musculature and that this information was transmitted to smooth muscle cells via peg and socket contacts. The present study provides the evidence for the contractile nature of ICC as perceived by Thuneberg. The contractile(More)
Since the development of knockout animals, the mouse has become an important model to study gastrointestinal motility. However, little information is available on the electrical and contractile activities induced by distension in the murine small intestine. Spatiotemporal electrical mapping and mechanical recordings were made from isolated intestinal(More)
OBJECTIVES The United Arab Emirates is witnessing a rapid development in population and infrastructure, leading to an expansion in the educational field and the health care system, including universities, hospitals and research institutes. One potential outcome of this development is an increase in biomedical research publications. This was examined in this(More)
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