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In this study, a validated method using a thermal desorber combined with a gas chromatograph coupled to mass spectrometry was used to identify the volatile organic compounds released during decomposition of 6 human and 26 animal remains in a laboratory environment during a period of 6 months. 452 compounds were identified. Among them a human specific marker(More)
Differentiation between human and animal remains by means of analysis of volatile compounds released during decomposition is impossible since no volatile marker(s) specific for human decomposition has been established today. Hence, the identification of such a marker for human decomposition would represent great progression for the discovery of buried(More)
Virtual autopsy is a medical imaging technique, using full body computed tomography (CT), allowing for a noninvasive and permanent observation of all body parts. For dental identification clinically and radiologically observed ante-mortem (AM) and post-mortem (PM) oral identifiers are compared. The study aimed to verify if a PM dental charting can be(More)
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