Wim Bouquet

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Accurate sizing of nanoparticles in biological media is important for drug delivery and biomedical imaging applications since size directly influences the nanoparticle processing and nanotoxicity in vivo. Using fluorescence single particle tracking we have succeeded for the first time in following the aggregation of drug delivery nanoparticles in real time(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the tumour growth delay of a peritoneal carcinomatosis (PC) of colorectal origin after intraperitoneal chemotherapy with paclitaxel/randomly-methylated-β-cyclodextrin (Pac/RAME-β-CD) versus Taxol® at normo- and hyperthermic conditions in rats. METHODS Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) was performed 7 days post(More)
Due to its low aqueous solubility paclitaxel is currently formulated in a Cremophor EL/ethanol mixture. However, the vehicle of this formulation causes several side-effects. Our objective was to formulate a tensioactive-free and solvent-free paclitaxel solution, which can be used for a hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemoperfusion procedure (HIPEC). The(More)
BACKGROUND Peritoneal carcinomatosis (PC) remains a dreaded clinical syndrome and a common evolution of gastrointestinal and ovarian cancers. In recent years, hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) after cytoreductive surgery has emerged as a promising strategy in the management of PC. In this study, a novel paclitaxel (Pac) formulation was(More)
Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) is a promising strategy in the treatment of peritoneal carcinomatosis. To perform HIPEC, a tensioactive- and solvent-free paclitaxel formulation consisting of water-soluble paclitaxel/randomly methylated-beta-cyclodextrin (Pac/RAMEB) complexes was developed previously. Using MTT and SRB assays the cytotoxic(More)
Sustained-release matrix tablets based on Eudragit RL and RS were manufactured by injection moulding. The influence of process temperature; matrix composition; drug load, plasticizer level; and salt form of metoprolol: tartrate (MPT), fumarate (MPF) and succinate (MPS) on ease of processing and drug release were evaluated. Formulations composed of 70/30%(More)
The aim of the present study was to evaluate the importance of matrix flexibility of hot-melt extruded (HME) ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) matrices (with vinyl acetate (VA) contents of 9%, 15%, 28% and 40%), through the addition of hydrophilic polymers with distinct swelling capacity. Polyethylene oxide (PEO 100K, 1M and 7M) was used as swelling agent and(More)
Previous data on periparturient relaxation of immunity during gastrointestinal nematode infection in goats are scarce and conflicting; one study carried out in fiber (Angora) goats showed a positive association of fecal egg counts with prolactin concentrations around parturition, whereas the two other available studies dealing with dairy goats, gave(More)