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If knowledge cannot be managed, what can knowledge management possibly mean for organizations? In this paper, knowledge management is viewed as an organizational discipline bridging information demand and supply in support of learning processes within organizations. Its object is the information transaction space, the vast and chaotic network of information(More)
In this article we seek to understand and clarify the contribution of the multifaceted concept of sociality towards the design of social software systems. Our premise is that it is not software as such that is social, but the free choice of people to engage in social activities. Paraphrasing Wenger (1998): sociality cannot be designed; it can only be(More)
This paper outlines a research in progress set to study network effects in social media. The focus is on outlining the theoretical framework in which this study is embedded. The concepts of cumulative network effects and segmentive network effects are introduced to explain the processes by which social media can generate and maintain both a larger network(More)
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