Wim A van Dommelen

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This study examines the ability of listeners to judge speaker height and weight from speech samples. Although previous investigations indicate that listeners are consistent in estimating body characteristics, it is not known which speech signal parameters are being used by the listeners for such estimates. Therefore, a series of listening tests was carried(More)
Four speaker identification tests were conducted using five female speakers known to the listeners. Starting from acoustic recordings of reiterant "ma" syllables, the perceptual importance of the following three factors was investigated: F0 height, F0 contour, and speech rhythm. For speakers with typically low or high voices F0 height turned out to be a(More)
This study investigates the influence of fundamental frequency (F0) contour on perceived vowel duration in Norwegian. In the first of four experiments, a falling vs. flat contour in short vs. long vowels in isolated monosyllables was shown to cause a perceptual lengthening of the vowel. Contrary to the expectations, embedding the monosyllables(More)
This study investigates the perception of English words produced by 45 native talkers presented in moderate noise to native Norwegian listeners. The relative intelligibility of individual talkers is compared with that obtained for native listeners in order to determine whether intrinsic talker clarity is determined by global acoustic-phonetic(More)
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