Wilton Robinson

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DNA polymerase activity was detected in each of eight preparations of concentrated human hepatitis B antigen (HBAg) rich in Dane particles prepared by high-speed centrifugation of antigen-positive human plasma and in none of seven control preparations prepared in the same way from HBAg-negative plasma. The incorporation of(More)
Particles containing DNA polymerase (Dane particles) were purified from the plasma of chronic carriers of hepatitis B antigen. After a DNA polymerase reaction with purified Dane particle preparations treated with Nonidet P-40 detergent, Dane particle core structures containing radioactive DNA product were isolated by sedimentation in a sucrose density(More)
A virus given the name ground squirrel hepatitis virus (or GSHV), with many of the unique characteristics of human hepatitis B virus (HBV), has been found in Beechey ground squirrels in northern California. Common features include virus morphology, viral DNA size and structure, a virion DNA polymerase that repairs a single-stranded region in the viral DNA,(More)
To identify the major antigenic determinant of native Salmonella flagella of antigenic type d, we constructed a series of mutated fliCd genes with deletions and amino acid alterations in hypervariable region IV and in region of putative epitopes as suggested by epitope mapping with synthetic octameric peptides (T.M. Joys and F. Schödel, Infect. Immun.(More)
Radioactive DNA was prepared in extensive (4 h) Dane particle DNA polymerase reactions. In different experiments the amount of new DNA, determined by the amount of nucleotide incorporation into an acid-insoluble form, was between 29 and 45% of the total circular DNA isolated from Dane particle preparations after the reaction. DNA reassociation kinetics were(More)
Four patients with chronic hepatitis B infection and chronic active hepatitis were treated with human leukocyte interferon. Three of them had consistently elevated levels of circulating Dane-particle markers, including Dane-particle-associated DNA polymerase activity, hepatitis B core antigen and Dane-particle-associated DNA. Parenteral interferon(More)
Survival data from 379 patients with chronic hepatitis B were analyzed to determine life expectancy for the patient from the time of first contact. One hundred twenty-one patients had chronic persistent hepatitis, 128 had chronic active hepatitis, and 130 had chronic active hepatitis with cirrhosis. The frequency of symptoms (p less than 0.001), stigmata of(More)
Chronic hepadnavirus infection is associated with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in natural hosts such as humans, woodchucks, and Beechey ground squirrels. Several possible oncogenic mechanisms have been identified, including a potential role of the hepadnavirus x (hbx) gene, which transactivates transcription regulated by certain cis-acting sequences, e.g.(More)
PLC/PRF/5, a tissue culture cell line isolated from a human hepatocellular carcinoma and producing hepatitis B surface antigen, was studied for the presence of hepatitis B virus (HBV)-specific DNA and RNA. PLC/PRF/5 cell DNA accelerated the rate of reassociation of HBV [32P]DNA, and quantitative experiments indicated that the cells contained approximately(More)