Wilson Yonghong Wang

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* In this paper, we consider the design of a dynamic storage resource management framework for the Grid. The framework is service-oriented and conforms to the Open Grid Service Infrastructure (OGSI) specifications. The higher-level framework design is inspired by the Grid and the Peer-to-Peer network architecture, which have been proven to be very effective(More)
BACKGROUND Many patients undergoing total knee replacement for joint degeneration may have cartilage wear in other joints and thus may already have had various other surgical procedures performed for these. To date, there is no data or description in the medical literature detailing how to perform a total knee replacement in a patient who previously(More)
BACKGROUND In cemented joint arthroplasty, the handling characteristics (doughing, working, and setting times) of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) bone cement is important as it determines the amount of time surgeons have to optimally position an implant. Storage conditions (temperature and humidity) and the time given for PMMA cement to equilibrate to(More)
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