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guT flora meTaBoliTe TrimeThylamine n-oxide predicTs incidenT cardiovascular risks in BoTh sTaBle non-diaBeTics and diaBeTic suBjecTs Background: Recent animal studies show a mechanistic link between intestinal microbial metabolism of dietary phosphatidylcholine and coronary artery disease (CAD) pathogenesis. Levels of the pro-atherosclerotic metabolite(More)
INTRODUCTION Diagnosis of severe influenza pneumonia remains challenging because of a lack of correlation between the presence of influenza virus and clinical status. We conducted gene-expression profiling in the whole blood of critically ill patients to identify a gene signature that would allow clinicians to distinguish influenza infection from other(More)
Falls are a cause of concern for the elderly since it can render a person immobile. A monitoring system can summon immediate aid by the automatic detection of fall events. The application of ultra-wideband (UWB) signals for a monitoring system was chosen due to its unique characteristics such as wide spectrum, immunity to interference, penetrability, and(More)
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