Wilson Tam

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BACKGROUND Many epidemiological studies have linked daily counts of hospital admissions to particulate matter (PM) with an aerodynamic diameter ≤ 10 μm (PM10) and ≤ 2.5 μm (PM2.5), but relatively few have investigated the relationship of hospital admissions with coarse PM (PMc; 2.5-10 μm aerodynamic diameter). OBJECTIVES We conducted this study to(More)
We studied transmission patterns of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) among medical students exposed exclusively to the first SARS patient in the Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong, before his illness was recognized. We conducted a retrospective cohort study of 66 medical students who visited the index patient's ward, including 16 students with(More)
Lowering the perplexity of a language model does not always translate into higher speech recognition accuracy. Our goal is to improve language models by learning from speech recognition errors. In this paper we present an algorithm that first learns to predict which n–grams are likely to increase recognition errors, and then uses that prediction to improve(More)
This thesis is dedicated to my family for their love and support. vi Abstract This thesis studies a class of problems where rational agents can make suboptimal decisions by ignoring a side effect that each individual action brings to bear on the common good. It is generally believed that a mutually desirable strategy can be enforced as a stable outcome for(More)
The views and conclusions contained in this document are solely those of the author and should not be interpreted as representing the official policies, either expressed or implied, of any sponsoring institution, the U.S. government, or any other entity. Abstract With the significant improvements that have been seen in speech applications, the long-held(More)
BACKGROUND Childhood obesity is a major public health issue in many countries, including China. The importance of parenting relative to the healthy development of children requires the development of instruments for assessing parental influence on child dietary pattern. This study aimed to confirm the internal reliability and validity of a self-report(More)
BACKGROUND Tuberculosis (TB) is a serious public health issue in developing countries. Early prediction of TB epidemic is very important for its control and intervention. We aimed to develop an appropriate model for predicting TB epidemics and analyze its seasonality in China. METHODS Data of monthly TB incidence cases from January 2005 to December 2011(More)
One of the major bottlenecks in developing machine translation systems for many language pairs is the lack of parallel data. Due to the time consuming and expensive effort required to create them, these corpora are limited in quantity, genre and language coverage. For most language pairs, parallel data is nonex-istent. Comparable corpora, which are more(More)
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