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The objective of this study was to examine the association of prenatal multivitamin/mineral supplement use during the first and second trimesters of pregnancy by low income, urban women in the Camden Study (1985-1995, n = 1,430) and preterm delivery (< 37 completed weeks) and infant low birth weight (< 2,500 g). Prenatal supplement use was corroborated by(More)
BACKGROUND We examined the effects of hip fracture on mortality, entry into long-term institutional care, and new evidence of poverty. We estimate of the proportion of hip fracture patients who require not just short-term rehabilitation but who become dependent on long-term institutional care, and the risk of becoming newly dependent on Medicaid or eligible(More)
The authors extend their gratitude to Lida Allen for her contribution to the statistical analyses presented in the paper. This paper is an adaptation of a chapter in Trauma and Its Wake, C. R. Figley (Ed.). Brunner/Mazel Publishers (in press). ABSTRACT The purpose of the present study was to compare post-traumatic stress syndrome among persons involved in(More)
Validation of claims-based algorithms to identify serious hypersensitivity reactions and osteonecrosis of the jaw has not been performed in large osteoporosis populations. The objective of this project is to estimate the positive predictive value of the claims-based algorithms in older women with osteoporosis enrolled in Medicare. Using the 2006-2008(More)
Thin films of TiN were prepared via RF magnetron reactive sputtering at various deposition pressures. The characteristics of the plasmas were measured by optical emission spectroscopy to optimize the conditions for the deposition of TiN coatings. After deposition, the thin films were annealed in a closed furnace at several different temperatures, and(More)
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