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<b>Context</b>: An effort estimation model with more than 20 parameters is not very useful at early conceptual phase if you don't have a logical approach for specifying the input values. <b>Goal</b>: This paper presents a simple approach for predicting software development effort. <b>Method</b>: The regression model uses product size and application types(More)
General software cost parameters such as size, effort distribution, and productivity are necessarily imprecise due to variations by domain. To improve this situation, empirical software cost analysis using the primary US DoD cost database has been segmented by domain. This analysis supports a software cost estimation metrics manual for improvements in(More)
  • Wilson Rosa
  • 2012
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects are considered commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions where one substantial COTS product (e.g. Oracle, SAP) is tailored to provide automated business functions. This paper presents effort and schedule estimating models for predicting ERP implementation. The first two models use product size to predict software(More)
This chapter introduces an approach to information system development that represents the next step on a continuum that began with stand-alone applications, progressed to the development of shared database systems, and now involves highly integrated systems that serve the entire organization. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are much more than(More)
SUMMAR Y We present a new method for modelling 2-D elastic media with the application of the wavelet transform, which is also extended to cases where discontinuities simulate geological faults between two different elastic media. The basic method consists of the discretization of the polynomial expansion for the boundary conditions of the 2-D problem(More)
This paper presents a set of effort and schedule estimating relationships for predicting software development projects using empirical data from 317 very recent US DoD programs. The first set predicts effort as a function of product size and application type. The second predicts the duration of software development as a function of product size and staffing(More)
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