Wilson Mozena Leandro

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Soil enzymes play an important role in agriculture and particularly in nutrient cycling. They are also involved in the degradation, transformation, and mineralization of organic matter and availability of nutrients in soil. It is believed that organic agriculture causes fewer losses to soil quality and is less aggressive to the environment than conventional(More)
The hydrothermal carbonization of sewage sludge has been studied as an alternative technique for the conversion of sewage sludge into value-added products, such as soil amendments. We tested the toxicity of biosolid hydrochar (Sewchar) to earthworms. Additionally, the toxicity of Sewchar process water filtrate with and without pH adjustment was assessed,(More)
The aims of the present study are to assess the organic waste vermicomposting process (cattle manure mixed with tannery sludge) by using inorganic waste (rock dust) inoculated with treated domestic wastewater sewage, as well as the vermicompost application in Ruellia brittoniana seedling production. Different proportions of organic and inorganic waste(More)
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