Wilson Machado de Souza

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The authors studied morphological and histochemically the mucopolysaccharides and proteins in the gallbladder tubular glands and epithelial cells of the capivara Hydrochoerus hydrochoeris. Based on the results the authors concluded: 1. the gallbladder single columnar epithelium consists of secretory, migrating, and goblet cells; 2. in the lamina propria are(More)
The digestive system of the capybara has been investigated because of its coprofagia habits, important for their absorptive activity. These species present differences in terms of gastrointestinal morphological characters when compared with other rodents. Macroscopiclly, the stomach of the capybara is constituted of the following parts: cardiac, pyloric,(More)
Twenty-two stomachs from adult capybaras were used in this study, and an acid digestion mesoscopic technique was pursued using different concentrations of nitric acid to observe the muscular organization of the stomach. The capybara's stomach possessed a muscular coat composed of four layers or strata: external longitudinal, external oblique, circular and(More)
UNLABELLED With 2 figures SUMMARY The anatomosurgical segmentation of the arteries of the spleen was studied in 31 deer of the species Mazama gouazoubira and Blastocerus dichotomus by means of vascular injection with latex and vinyl acetate and radiographic examination. The arteria lienalis penetrated through the hilus lienis in 87% of the cases, whereas(More)
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