Wilson Luiz da Silveira

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The patient is a 54-year-old asymptomatic male with a tumor in the right atrium that was diagnosed on transesophageal echocardiography and confirmed as a lipoma of the right atrium on computerized tomography. The patient underwent surgical repair with extracorporeal circulation. The tumor was resected, and its base of implantation in the atrium was repaired(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the repair of congenital heart defects through minithoracotomies. METHODS Between January 1998 and March 2005, 98 patients underwent minithoracotomies for simple congenital heart defect repairs at our institution. All patients were female between the ages of 14 months and 16 years (mean 4.6) with weights ranging from 8 to 58 Kg (mean(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the surgical result of the cases of congenital fistulae of the coronary artery. METHODS Seven patients were surgically treated since January 80 until February 94. The ages ranged from 3 days to 52 years old. The diagnosis was suspected by echocardiogram and established by cardiac catheterization. RESULTS Regarding the clinical(More)
Nine-year-old female patient presented with cianosis since she was born, fatique and dyspnea when sucking. The diagnosis was univentricular heart with left ventricular morphology, transposition of the great arteries, moderate pulmonary valve stenosis and atrial septal defect. Submitted to surgical correction with superior vena cava-right pulmonary artery(More)
PURPOSE There is, today, a global tendency towards a surgical approach privileging very small incisions, the so-called minimally invasive intervention, which results in a less aggressive action. The introduction of this new technique makes it possible to dissect the left internal thoracic artery (LITA) and to perform in the anastomosis with the anterior(More)
Twelve-year-old patient, with congestive heart failure and mild, caused by Ebstein's anomaly with interventricular septal defect, was studied and submitted to surgical correction which consisted in covering the interventricular defect with a path of bovine pericardium and substituting for the tricuspid valve with a biological prosthesis (porcine). After(More)
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