Wilson Carlos da Silva

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We used acallosal and normal adult BALB/cCF mice to test the hypothesis that the development of the corpus callosum is relevant for the establishment of a normal structure of the neocortex. Neuronal density and thickness of individual layers were analyzed in neocortical regions with abundant callosal connections (area 6 and the 17/18a border) and in the(More)
The requirements engineers use several techniques to assist them on the elicitation, analysis, specification, validation and requirements management process, but the number of those tools in this segment is still reduced. The requirements are the base for the software development, which, most of time is described in natural language. In this paper a tool(More)
Qualitative analyses were carried out on solid medium with insoluble collagen 0.25% (w/v) to detect proteases with collagenolytic activity produced by Bacillus sp. In cultures incubated for 24 h, a 23 full factorial design with four repetitions at the center point was developed to analyze the effects and interactions between initial pH, temperature and the(More)
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