Wilmer Fabián Sepúlveda-Navarro

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PURPOSE Staining of prosthodontic materials may result in patient dissatisfaction and additional expense for replacement. This study aimed to determine the color stability of two heat-cured denture base acrylic (Lucitone 550, Vipi Cril) and one nylon denture base resin (Transflex) after immersion in beverages. MATERIALS AND METHODS Forty disks of each(More)
The colour stability of acrylic resin denture teeth in beverages was investigated. A spectrophotometer measured the colour (CIE-L*a*b* system) of all specimens after storage in distilled water/for 24 h at 37 degrees C (T0). Specimens were then immersed in various beverages. After 15 days (T1) and 30 days (T2), for each material, the mean deltaE values were(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether the adverse interaction between a two-step/acidic etch-and-rinse adhesive (One-Step Plus [OS], Bisco) and chemically cured resin luting cement [Variolink II, Ivoclar Vivadent] can improve adhesive coupling by reducing the dentin permeability with an oxalate desensitizer (BisBlock, Bisco). MATERIALS AND METHODS After exposing(More)
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