Wilmax Marreiro Cruz

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Group Formation is a complex and important step to design effective collaborative learning activities. Through the adequate selection of individuals to a group, it is possible to create environments that foster the occurrence of meaningful interactions, and thereby, increasing robust learning and intellectual growth. Many researchers indicate that the(More)
Nowadays, there has been a continual increase in life expectancy in almost all countries of the world and the number of elderly people has grown considerably. However, the number of professional support (e.g. caregivers) to people with dementia is not growing proportionally. One of the possible ways to ease the overburden of these professionals is to use(More)
Preliminary results of a study of 20 patients show a combination of prazosin and polythiazide to be effective in controlling hypertension not responsive to the diuretic alone. The maximum useful dosage of prazosin was not defined, but increasing the dosage above 15 mg a day did not improve control of blood pressure.
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