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The proinflammatory response of infected macrophages is an important early host defense mechanism against mycobacterial infection. Mycobacteria have been demonstrated to induce proinflammatory gene(More)
Resistance to complement-mediated lysis in Trypanosoma cruzi is due to the expression of complement-regulatory factors by the virulent developmental forms of this protozoan parasite. An 87- to 93-kDa(More)
In the absence of bound antibody, trypomastigote bloodstream forms of Trypanosoma cruzi fail to activate the alternative complement pathway. We now demonstrate that treatment with trypsin and, to a(More)
The epidemiologically important Mycobacterium tuberculosis Beijing genotype strains, highly endemic in East Asia, have become an emerging infection in certain geographic areas, including Russia,(More)
Three Brazilian polyspecific Bothrops antivenoms were compared using standard W.H.O. rodent in vivo and in vitro assays of their ability to neutralize the principal venom activities of pooled whole(More)