Wilma Terezinha Anselmo-Lima

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INTRODUCTION Atresia of the maxilla is a transverse skeletal dysplasia, possibly associated with respiratory problems. For its correction, rapid maxillary expansion is a feasible orthodontic process. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of rapid maxillary expansion on the nasal cavity by acoustic rhinometry and computed rhinomanometry. MATERIAL AND METHODS(More)
UNLABELLED Contemporary cohort cross-sectional study. INTRODUCTION Despite its importance for an accurate diagnosis, histology differences among nasal polyps and its clinical implications are rarely reported in the literature. The existing papers classify polyp samples without concern for prior treatments, which could influence the results attained. (More)
BACKGROUND Cigarette smoke exposure is considered an important negative prognostic factor for chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) patients. However, there is no clear mechanistic evidence implicating cigarette smoke exposure in the poor clinical evolution of the disease or in the maintenance of the inflammatory state characterizing CRS. This study aimed to(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the development of face and hyoid bone in children with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) through lateral cephalometries. MATERIALS AND METHODS Children aged 7-10 years with mixed dentition and with no previous otorhinolaryngologic, orthodontic or speech therapy treatments were studied. Twenty nasal breathers were compared to 20(More)
Microarray studies have revealed the differential expression of several genes in mantle cell lymphoma (MCL), but it is unknown which of these differences are dependent on the transformed MCL cell itself or on the tumour microenvironment. To investigate which genes and signalling pathways are aberrantly expressed in MCL cells we used oligonucleotide(More)
UNLABELLED There isn't definitive and consistent data concerning the distribution of bacterial species in patients with Chronic Sinusitis (CS). The variability of the results from studies in CS may be due to the different techniques used as collection method, variations in culture methods, previous antibiotic use, and difficulty in distinguishing bacterial(More)
Chronic tonsillar diseases are an important health problem, leading to large numbers of surgical procedures worldwide. Little is known about pathogenesis of these diseases. In order to investigate the role of respiratory viruses in chronic adenotonsillar diseases, we developed a cross-sectional study to determine the rates of viral detections of common(More)
UNLABELLED Anatomical variations of the sphenopalatine foramen may correspond to alterations at the arterial nasal irrigation input, which is a relevant condition to treat severe epistaxis through ligation of the sphenopalatine artery. AIM To study the sphenopalatine foramen in terms of its numeric variation and its location on the lateral nasal wall in(More)
A total of 45 children aged 4-12 years were studied at the Rhinosinusology out-patient clinic of HCFMRP. The patients complained of marked nasal obstruction refractory to any clinical treatment, and a cavum X-ray showed no sign of airway obstruction. All children were submitted to nasal fiberoptic examination in order to determine the number of(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to evaluate mouth-breathing and nasal-breathing children prior to surgical intervention and 28 months postoperatively, comparing the occlusal features obtained pre- and postoperatively through orthodontic study casts. METHODS The mouth-breathing (MB) group consists of 33 MB children who underwent surgery and(More)