Wilma Maria Coelho Araújo

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The Human Milk Bank undergo human milk to pasteurization, followed by storage in a freezer at -18° C for up to six months to thus keep available the stocks of this product in maternal and infant hospitals. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of processing on the lipid fraction of human milk. A sample of human milk was obtained from a(More)
INTRODUCTION AND AIMS Microbial contamination of enteral feeding and infant formulas can result in a risk of worsening of the clinical condition of the patients, who are already weakened and susceptible to pathogens. The objective was to evaluate aspects of the management of quality hygienic - sanitary of enteral feeding and infant formulas in hospitals,(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Malnutrition is very prevalent in hospitals, causing physical capacity deterioration, increasing complications and raising mortality. This scenario overloads public health costs enormously. Enteral nutrition (EN) is the first option to fight against malnutrition. Nutrition support teams (NST) work combating such conditions, promoting(More)
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