Wilma M. Marshall

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This study was designed as a replication of previous studies describing dynamic EEG differences between behaviorally dissimilar groups. This study is intended as a reference point from which other researchers can continue to establish the EEG correlates of "on-task" behavior. Eight Attention Deficit Disordered (ADD) children and eight Normally Achieving(More)
Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) may be a consequence of increased forearm flexor activity secondary to muscle dysfunction in the neck. Eighteen CTS patients, with an average duration of symptoms of 10 months, were studied. Standardized nerve-conduction studies were administered before and after treatment. Surface-EMG techniques measured sternomastoid and(More)
A 14-year-old child from Iraq presented with an acute febrile illness accompanied by large necrotic skin lesions and bronchopneumonia from which he subsequently died. The infection was caused by an unusual zygomycete fungus Saksenaea vasiformis. Previous reports of infection with this organism are rare and tissue invasion has usually followed traumatic(More)
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