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BACKGROUND Adolescent alcohol use is a significant public health problem. Drinking before 13 years of age is correlated to the use of illicit drugs and other risky behaviors, such as cigarette smoking. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this research was to examine the relationship between adolescents' early alcohol use and participation in risky behaviors such as(More)
There is limited research examining the health promotion behaviors (HPBs) of low-income Black men. This study examined the relationship between HPBs, and motivators and barriers to participating in these behaviors in Black men (N = 107), aged 21 to 56. Using descriptive statistics, more than 96% of the participants reported they were motivated because of(More)
Violence has reached epidemic proportions in the United States, with African American males residing in urban areas bearing the brunt of this epidemic. The violence permeating our society emanates from a variety of societal ills, including poverty, racism, substance abuse and exposure to violence. Traditionally, methods of research on adolescent violence(More)
Inequalities in society, culture, and finance have resulted in civil unrest, rioting, and intentional violence throughout our history. Nowhere is this currently more apparent than in the cities of Ferguson and Baltimore. It is not the civil unrest itself, but the resulting rioting and intentional violence that can create a disaster situation. This increases(More)
BACKGROUND Methamphetamine use remains a significant public health problem. A multifaceted problem requires a collaborative effort. OBJECTIVES Community partners and university faculty collaborated to address meth use in a rural Missouri county. The objectives for this collaboration were to a) support current community partnerships by working with parents(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the current study was to determine whether the higher rates of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) but lower rates of cigarette smoking in African-American vs. European-American women can be explained in part by a lower magnitude of association between CSA and smoking in African-American women. METHODS Data were drawn from a same-sex female(More)
Violence has reached epidemic proportions in the Unites States. The past decade has seen professionals in public health, law enforcement, social sciences, and health care commit more attention to this area. Research and anecdotal articles read by the researcher indicated adolescents exposed to chronic community violence may experience a myriad of problems(More)
This study examined the health-related quality of life and health-promoting behaviors in a convenience sample of low-income black men. Almost three-fourths reported their overall health as good or better. However, the mean number of recent (that is, past 30 days) mentally unhealthy days was 13.12, and more than half reported frequent (> or =14) mentally(More)
Traditionally, violent and delinquent behaviors have been addressed by the criminal justice system, with the focus being secondary and tertiary interventions. During the last decade, the focus on violence as a public health issue has increased. The purpose of this research was to examine how individual protective factors for adolescent delinquency varied(More)
There has been increasing concern about the health status of low-income Black fathers. Little is known about their motivators to participate in health promotion activities. This descriptive qualitative research study explored these motivators. Focus groups were used to gather the data. Themes included avoiding specific diseases, helping others, a personal(More)
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