Wilma H J van Luijk

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The finding of an enhanced excretion of [99mTc]dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA) in patients with tubular reabsorption disorders prompted us to investigate the role of filtration in the renal handling of [99mTc]DMSA. Our studies in human serum indicated that binding to serum proteins was approximately 90%. Chromatography of human urine and studies in rats(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe radiologic features of patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) in a standardized manner, to test the reliability and feasibility of this description, and to correlate these features with clinical signs as a first step in the development of a standardized assessment method. METHODS The placebo-controlled study of(More)
OBJECTIVES The hyperimmunoglobulinaemia D and periodic fever syndrome (HIDS) was found recently to be caused by a deficiency of mevalonate kinase (MK). The aim of this study was to examine whether a relationship exists between the clinical expression of HIDS and the extent of MK deficiency. METHODS The medical records of children diagnosed with HIDS were(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the efficacy, tolerability, and safety of sulfasalazine (SSZ) in the treatment of juvenile chronic arthritis (JCA). METHODS We conducted a 24-week randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, multicenter study of patients with active JCA of both oligoarticular and polyarticular onset. Patients were treated with a dosage of 50(More)
Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBC) from non-nephrotic and nephrotic patients with different glomerulopathies were tested for their potential to produce vascular permeability increasing factor (VPF) after stimulation with Concanavalin-A (Con-A) in vitro. Supernatants from cultures of PBC from patients with IgA nephropathy were injected intradermally(More)
To establish the symptoms and clinical course of juvenile-onset mixed connective tissue disease, we studied 14 patients, classified according the criteria of Kasukawa et al. The patient records were studied retrospectively and all patients were examined in a 1-day follow-up program. Systemic lupus erythematosus and polymyositis/dermatomyositis-like symptoms(More)
Peripheral mononuclear blood cells isolated from nephrotic subjects with minimal-change nephrotic syndrome (selective proteinuria greater than 3.5 g/24 h) or various other forms of glomerulonephritis (non-selective proteinuria greater than 3.5 g/24 h) were stimulated with concanavalin A and cultured for 20 h in the presence of kidney tissue under standard(More)
BACKGROUND In children with severe rheumatic disease (RD), treatment with corticosteroids (CS) is frequently needed and growth retardation and osteopenia may develop. A beneficial effect of human growth hormone (hGH) has been reported but mostly in trials without a control group. AIMS To study the effect of hGH on growth, bone mineral density (BMD), and(More)