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35S-methimazole (MMI), 35S-carbimazole or 35S-propylthiouracil (PTU) were given orally to fifty-five patients at various times up to 12 h before surgical thyroidectomy. The amount of 35S radioactivity and labelled drug in thyroid and plasma samples was measured. Intrathyroidal inhibition or organic binding of iodine by MMI, carbimazole and PTU was measured(More)
Some studies have suggested that increasing the daily dose of anti-thyroid drugs might improve long-term remission rates of Graves' disease. Therefore, this question was addressed in a prospective multicenter trial involving 18 thyroid clinics in Europe, mostly in iodine-deficient or moderately iodine-sufficient regions. Five hundred and nine patients with(More)
OBJECTIVE The optimal antithyroid drug regimen for Graves' disease remains a matter of controversy. The European Multicentre Trial Group has investigated the effects of methimazole drug dose on the long-term outcome of Graves' disease. DESIGN Extended follow-up of patients from a prospective multicentre trial, designed to study methimazole dose effects on(More)
Patients leaving hospital after 131I treatment for thyrotoxicosis face restrictions on their contact with other members of the public. These restrictions depend on the level of residual body radioactivity which for practical purposes can be taken to be almost entirely in the thyroid gland. This study provides an appropriate data base from which to draw(More)
The kinetics of [123I]iodide uptake were studied when organification of iodine by the thyroid gland was normal and when this binding function was diminished by drugs or disease. Each study was terminated by a sodium perchlorate discharge test (300--600 mg iv) at 60 min or, in some cases, 10--30 min. The results confirmed that binding takes place rapidly in(More)