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The intrinsic memorability of face photographs.
The concept of face memorability in a large-scale memory study is generalized and it is found that memorability is an intrinsic feature of a face photograph--across observers some faces are consistently more remembered or forgotten than others--indicating that memorable can be used for measuring, predicting, and manipulating subsequent memories. Expand
The Benefits of Interactions with Physically Present Robots over Video-Displayed Agents
Questionnaire data support these behavioral findings and show that participants had an overall more positive interaction with the physically present robot, than when it was shown on live video. Expand
The effect of presence on human-robot interaction
This study explores how a robotpsilas physical or virtual presence affects unconscious human perception of the robot as a social partner. Subjects collaborated on simple book-moving tasks with eitherExpand
Modifying the Memorability of Face Photographs
It is shown that face photographs manipulated to be more memorable (or more forgettable) are indeed more often remembered (or forgotten) in a crowd-sourcing experiment with an accuracy of 74%. Expand
Neural Reactivation Reveals Mechanisms for Updating Memory
The authors' results indicate that older and newer visual memories were often simultaneously reactivated in ventral temporal cortex—even when target memories were successfully retrieved, and stronger reactivation of older memories was associated with less accurate retrieval of newer memories, slower mnemonic decisions, and increased activity in anterior cingulate cortex. Expand
Memorability: A stimulus-driven perceptual neural signature distinctive from memory
These findings should stimulate a revisitation of the neural streams dedicated to perception and memory, with the MTL determining stimulus statistics and distinctiveness to support later memory encoding, and the PFC comparing stimuli to specific individual memories. Expand
Electronic game research methodologies : Studying religious implications
A collection of pilot studies is described, illustrating how the religious implications of video games can be studied electronically by content analysis, natural language processing, ethnography orExpand
The resiliency of image memorability: A predictor of memory separate from attention and priming
Results from a directed forgetting task and an experiment manipulating depth of processing reveals a performance boost for memorable images regardless of the depth at which they are encoded, demonstrating memorability is an isolable phenomenon, occurring automatically, and resilient to top-down influence. Expand
The Memorability of People: Intrinsic Memorability Across Transformations of a Person’s Face
  • Wilma A. Bainbridge
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of experimental psychology. Learning…
  • 1 May 2017
The results support the existence of memorability as a uniquely intrinsic, core attribute to a person, stable across images. Expand
Creative Uses of Software Errors: Glitches and Cheats
Analysis of video game programming errors, design limitations, and rule ambiguities suggests a range of positive functions that glitches and cheats may perform, and contrasts games with metagames. Expand