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Stability of internal fixation by plate and screw depends on the interface of bone and screw threads. Bone-screw thread design was tested in a synthetic bone model to determine maximum bone-screw pullout force. The model was confirmed to provide reproducible results in a clinically relevant range. Consistent material properties were reflected in the(More)
The Japanese American Cooperative Emulsion Experiments (JACEE) have recently carried out a series of Antarctic circumpolar long duration balloon flights (JACEE-10 ∼ JACEE-13) for the study of high energy elemental composition and energy spectra of cosmic ray particles. The total exposure factor of these experiments is 664 m2hr, which corresponds to about(More)
Rigid molecule atomistic lattice dynamics calculations have been performed to predict the phonon spectra of the four polymorphs of carbamazepine, and these calculations predict that there should be differences in the spectra of all four forms. Terahertz spectra have been measured for forms I and III, and there are clearly different features between(More)
The prevalence of cholesterol gall stones in young women has increased since the introduction of oral contraceptives. The synthetic female sex hormones used in these preparations, increase the degree of cholesterol saturation in bile. To determine whether oestrogens, progestagens, or both, are responsible for the change in biliary cholesterol saturation(More)
There remains considerable debate over the active form of gold under operating conditions of a recently validated gold catalyst for acetylene hydrochlorination. We have performed an in situ x-ray absorption fine structure study of gold/carbon (Au/C) catalysts under acetylene hydrochlorination reaction conditions and show that highly active catalysts(More)
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In the present work, a combination of imaging, spectroscopic and computational methods shows that 1-dodecanethiol undergoes S-deprotonation to form 1-dodecanethiolate on the surface of palladium nanoparticles, which then self-assembles into a structure that shows a high degree of order. The alkyl chain is largely in the all-trans conformation, which occurs(More)
The surface structure of iron molybdate is of great significance since this is the industrial catalyst for the direct selective oxidation of methanol to formaldehyde. There is a debate concerning whether Fe2(MoO4)3 acts as a benign support for segregated MoO3 or if there is an intrinsic property of the surface structure which facilitates its high catalytic(More)