Willy Kunze

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We report a case of relapsing Haemophilus influenzae meningitis in a boy at the age of nearly 3 years and 4.2 years who had been successfully vaccinated against H. influenzae serotype b (Hib). The pathogen was a nonencapsulated (nontypable) H. influenzae strain of biotypes III and VI, respectively. A rhinobasal impalement injury with development of a(More)
Beim Arbeiten mit magnetostr ikt iven Ultraschallschwingern im Frequenzbereich yon 20 bis fiber 100 kHz bat ten wir die Beobachtung gemacht, dab diese in Luft unhSrbaren Schwinger eine Tonempfindung ausl6sen, wenn man sie mit ihrer Strahlfl~che an den Kopf andrtickt. Da diese Beobachtung yon Interesse ist im Hinblick auf die Frage der Existenz einer im(More)
There is obtained the rare disease of the nephrotic syndrome in an infant during the first year of life. The diagnosis of symptomatic nephrosis in the course of an infection with Rubellavirus was postulated on the basis of clinical and serological results. The heterogenous signs of the nephrosis in the first year of life, the possible causes, the treatment(More)
The research work to optimize nutrition in the first week after birth was carried out with two groups of healthy newborns. The food quantity of the first group was calculated according to the formula (days of life--1) X 70 ml, that of the second group according to the formula [days of life X 10) + 20] X 5 ml. With the nutrition according to formula 2(More)