Willy E. Mwangi

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AIM The current study was undertaken to evaluate the findings of canine hip dysplasia screening in Kenya. MATERIALS AND METHODS Records for 591 dogs were included in this study. The data was obtained from the national screening office, Kenya Veterinary Board, for the period between the years 1998 and 2014. Monthly screening records were assessed and(More)
Successful surgical intervention of atresia ani-etdistal recti with agenesis of vulva in a heifer calf is reported in this paper. The calf aging 1-day was presented with a history of swelling at the perineal region. In clinical examination, both vulval and anal openings were found absent. Initial surgical operation under sedation and local anesthesia was(More)
BACKGROUND Regional anaesthetic techniques have been used in combination with systemic analgesics during small animal surgery to provide multimodal analgesia. Brachial plexus nerves block using local anaesthetics provides analgesia of the thoracic limb through desensitization of the nerves that provide sensory and motor innervation. This has been shown to(More)
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