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Industrial applications of semantic technologies in particular ontologies include the integration of heterogeneous information sources and the management of information resources and services. Currently, the adoption of these technologies in large-scaled applications within enterprises is slowed down by their failure to meet some basic requirements of(More)
Managing the increasing complexity in product development requires describing and analyzing the dependencies within and between multiple domains, such as the customers’ requirements or the product components. The Design Structure Matrix (DSM) and the Domain Mapping Matrix (DMM) approach provide well-established methods and tools to address this challenge(More)
Enterprise architecture management (EAM) provides information about an enterprise and its information systems landscape for thorough analysis. Semantic technologies allow for integrating data sets from various relevant information sources within enterprises in a so-called EA repository, which serves as a comprehensive formal information base for EAM. We(More)
Most current approaches to matchmaking of semantic Web services utilize hybrid strategies consisting of logicand non-logic-based similarity measures (or even no logic-based similarity at all). This is mainly due to pure logic-based matchers achieving a good precision, but very low recall values. We present a purely logic-based matcher implementation based(More)
Product development is one of the core business processes for car manufacturers. Today it is heavily support by information systems enabling computer-aided technologies for design (CAD), engineering (CAE), and testing (CAT), which we refer to as CAx systems. In order to improve the alignment between business and IT we have created an enterprise architecture(More)
This work proposed a highly compact multi-bands antenna design based on the coupled meander-line folded monopole for M2M applications. This novel antenna is design to cover GSM / DCS / PCS / PHS (900 / 1800 / 1900MHz), WCDMA / IMT-2000 (1920–2170MHz), and Zigbee / Blutooth / WLAN (2450MHz), and WiMAX / WLAN (5150–5350MHz) with the physical(More)
3DIC technology presents a new system integration strategy for the electronics industry to achieve superior system performance with lower power consumption, higher bandwidth, smaller system form factor, and shorter time to market through heterogeneous integration. TSMC's “Chip-on-Wafer-on-Substrate (CoWoS)” technology opens up a new(More)
Conjunctive query answering plays an important role in industrial applications of ontologies such as the integration of heterogeneous information sources and the management of information resources and services. If confidential information is included in such settings, the ability to enforce access control policies is a critical security requirement. In(More)