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In general, meningopolyradiculitis (Bannwarth's syndrome, stage 2 of neuroborreliosis) follows a predictable monophasic self-limiting course. In contrast, we report the case of a patient with an untreated meningopolyradiculitis which evolved into acute schizophrenia-like psychosis due to persistent infection with Borrelia burgdorferi. The psychosis resolved(More)
In this paper we highlight a complementary approach to examining users' preferences surrounding robot interaction. We introduce widely used concepts and methods from the field of marketing in order to gain deeper insights into user decision-making processes. The study focuses on potential interactions between older adults and robots. The preliminary results(More)
BACKGROUND Standard practice in canine blood banking is to produce fresh frozen plasma (FFP) by separating and freezing plasma produced from blood within 8 hours of collection. Within canine blood donation programs, this can limit the number of units collected. HYPOTHESIS/OBJECTIVES The aim was to compare the coagulation factor and hemostatic protein(More)
This is a non-randomized exploratory study showing the sensitivity of neurophysiological parameters for autonomic side-effects during the application of antidepressant drugs. Inpatients on tricyclic antidepressants (TCA: amitriptyline or doxepine), inpatients on serotonine-reuptake inhibitors (SSRI: fluvoxamine or paroxetin) and a control group of healthy(More)
The background of the present study is a general uncertainty as to what comprises the essence of hysterical (histrionic) personality disorder. Using phenomenological methodology, phenomena observable in the 'classic' hysterical personality are analysed, described, named, and classified according to the basic functions of human experience and behaviour. The(More)
In a longitudinal survey of 122 healthy criminal offenders aged 18 to 37 years, the relationship between intelligence measured by the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS), neuropsychological scales and delinquency was investigated. The Benton Test correlates well with the WAIS and moderately with offence data, but not with recidivism in delinquency. The(More)
The association of negative symptoms on one hand and cognitive failures and language and thought disturbances on the other hand was examined in 25 schizophrenics and 22 neurotics over a 2-month period of intensive therapy. Psychopathological negative symptoms were more pronounced in schizophrenics than in neurotics at the first assessment before intensive(More)
A rare case of Munchausen's syndrome beginning in early childhood is described. The diagnosis of Munchausen's syndrome was made at the age of 29 years, after the symptoms had changed from acute abdominal to neurological complaints, with feigned loss of consciousness, first ascribed to an encephalitis. Insight into the psychopathology of this patient is(More)
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