Willow B. English

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Quality educational programs should ensure that pediatricians possess current knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes in child neurology. The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between pediatricians' self-confidence in neurology and their frequency of referral of children to neurologists. We distributed a questionnaire to pediatricians and(More)
Fisher’s sex ratio theory predicts that on average parents should allocate resources equally to the production of males and females. However, when the cost/benefit ratio for producing males versus females differs, the theory predicts that parents may bias production, typically through underproduction of the sex with greater variation in fitness. We tested(More)
BACKGROUND Geolocators are useful for tracking movements of long-distance migrants, but potential negative effects on birds have not been well studied. We tested for effects of geolocators (0.8-2.0 g total, representing 0.1-3.9 % of mean body mass) on 16 species of migratory shorebirds, including five species with 2-4 subspecies each for a total of 23 study(More)
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