Willis H. Ware

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With the advent of computer systems which share the resources of the configuration among several users or several problems, there is the risk that information from one user (or computer program) will be coupled to another user (or program). In many cases, the information in question will bear a military classification or be sensitive for some reason, and(More)
A law now in effect in the United States requires protection of individual privacy in computerized personal information record-keeping systems maintained by the federal government. Similar laws apply in certain state and local governments. Legislation has also been introduced to extend the requirements for privacy protection to the private sphere. Central(More)
nary. The paper presents a factual account of the trip of • technical delegation in computers t0 the Soviet Union. lit the itinerary, descriptions of specific Soviet computers, ions of certain computing centers, a discussion of Soviet ~r-orientcd educ'~tion, "rod a description of current circuit Lponcnt development. In appendices arc given the(More)
For the purposes of this paper we will use the term "security" when speaking about computer systems which handle classified defense information, and "privacy" in regard to those computer systems which handle non-defense information which nonetheless must be protected because it is in some respect sensitive. It should be noted at the outset that the context(More)
promulgated to settle the issue. Clearly, however, the use of computers in these cases contributed to creating the special environments, tools, and access to large amounts of financial assets in an environment with limited prevention and detection controls. • The potential for increased protection of automated business activities is far greater than was(More)
Using a joint oral surgery-prosthodontic team approach, five patients with extreme atrophy of the edentulous mandible were selected for augmentation of the mandible with autogenous bone grafts from the crest of the ilium. All were wearing restorations considered adequate, but they had difficulty tolerating the lower dentures. An extraoral submandibular(More)