Willie Chang

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ABsrRAcr A self-organizing neural network performing Learning Vector Quantization (LVQ) is proposed in this paper to compress image data in still pictures. The advantages of our model are its low training time complexity. high utilization of neurons, robust clustering capability, and simple computation; further, a VLSI implementation is highly feasible. By(More)
Success in the embedded world revolves around two key concepts: cost effectiveness and performance. The ability for an operating system to boot quickly combined with speedy application usage at runtime is important with regards to consumer unit adoption. The most common memory sub-system setup in cellular phone architectures today is what is called an(More)
Most automated rule-based expert systems developed to aid student study planning and advising have appeared to be ephemeral due to the dynamic property in the ever-changing curricular requirements and rules. We propose a novel case-based study planning system with the search criteria based on the experience-indicated probability in Markov chains and the(More)
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