Willian Roca

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BACKGROUND CIP maintains the largest in vitro clonal potato collection in the world, comprising 4,013 landraces and 3,353 improved accessions. The in vitro technology is more efficient and secure than conservation in the field, allowing in vitro plantlets to be stored for approximately 2 years without sub-culture. This method however is not ideal for the(More)
Four species of edible tubers endemic to and domesticated in the Andes, native potato (Solanum sp.), mashua (Tropaeolum tuberosum Ruiz & Pavón), oca (Oxalis tuberosa Molina) and ulluco (Ullucus tuberosus Caldas), were studied for their antioxidant capacity and associated secondary metabolites. The antioxidant capacity was measured using ABTS− radicals and(More)
This paper analyzes the genetic diversity of mashua cultivars grown in six communities in the Cusco region of Perú, of non-cultivated forms collected in the same region, and a sample of cultivars from the germplasm collection at the International Potato Center (CIP). From the DNA fingerprinting generated by SRAP markers, it is clear that mashua is a(More)
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