Willian Massami Watanabe

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Texts are the media content primarily available on Web sites and applications. However, this heavy use of texts creates an accessibility barrier to those who cannot read fluently in their mother tongue due to both text length and linguistic complexity. To offer an accessible alternative to these readers, shorter and simplified versions of text content(More)
During the development of web-based applications, communication and interaction issues have become even more important, due to the variety of user types that can work together. In this paper we describe the adoption of Model-Driven Development (MDD) approach to support a feasible way to help developers to take into account the issues, regarding to the Web(More)
In this paper we describe a web content adaptation tool for assisting low-literacy readers to access online information. The "Educational FACILITA" tool provides innovative features and the design of more intuitive interaction models. Especially, we propose an interaction model and web application that explore the Natural Language Processing tasks of(More)
The increase of aging people and the possibilities that are extended to the Internet users have led studies into improvement of web accessibility solutions for older people [30]. Most older adults present some decline in their cognitive, visual, hearing and motor skills [13]. Nowadays, however, the Web faces new technological challenges that extend the(More)
The Web has become an extremely important source of information and services that have been made widely available. Navigation is an important aspect in designing a Web site in order to make the information easy to find, however the task of organizing and structuring information from a website can become complex as the set of information and services(More)
Accessibility stands as a quality requirement for Web applications. However, current accessibility automatic evaluation tools are not capable of evaluating DOM dynamic generated content that characterizes Ajax applications and RIAs - Rich Internet Applications. In this context, this paper describes an approach for testing accessibility requirements in RIA,(More)
Touch-screen interfaces have become a widespread-input-device tendency for computer systems. In this context, many studies investigate how to improve general usability for touch-screen devices. These studies consider different interaction design features that improve the usability for touch sensitive surfaces, considering the low accuracy it presents, given(More)
This study presents an investigation on how keyboard accessibility has been delivered in RIA - <i>Rich Internet Applications.</i> We conducted an evaluation on 32 websites which contained Tab Widgets, from the 150 websites of Alexa's top most accessed websites list. The evaluation process consisted of checking if the Widgets implemented ARIA - <i>Accessible(More)