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Fractures of the forearm are common injuries in adults. Proper initial assessment includes a detailed history of the mechanism of injury, a complete examination of the affected arm, and appropriate radiography. Open fractures, joint dislocation or instability, and evidence of neurovascular injury are indications for emergent referral. Fractures(More)
CONTEXT Whereas guidelines about return-to-play (RTP) after concussion have been published, actual prognoses remain elusive. OBJECTIVE To develop probability estimates for time until RTP after sport-related concussion. DESIGN Descriptive epidemiology study. SETTING High school. PATIENTS OR OTHER PARTICIPANTS Injured high school varsity, junior(More)
Elastic resistance is a common training method used to gain strength. Currently, progression with elastic resistance is based on the perceived exertion of the exercise or completion of targeted repetitions; exact resistance is typically unknown. This study's objective is to determine if knowledge of load during elastic resistance exercise will increase(More)
PURPOSE To present an uncommon cause of chest pain in an athlete. CASE SUMMARY A 17-year-old black man suffered recurrent episodes of chest pain due to pericarditis. Based on presentation and serology, he was diagnosed as having unspecified connective tissue disease. DISCUSSION Rheumatologic disease will often manifest over a period of time. Diagnosis(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of manual manipulations targeting the lumbar spine and/or sacroiliac joint on concentric knee extension and flexion forces. Torque production was measured during isometric and isokinetic contractions. METHODS This was a randomized, controlled, single-blind crossover design with 21(More)
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