Williams Kennedy

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In this paper, Adams identifies factors which influence the effectiveness of education provided for Indigenous students, focussing on child poverty (including loss of cultural identity and self-value); the degree of educational disadvantage Indigenous students are likely to experience because of such poverty, as well as the covert discrimination and racism(More)
Functional stereotaxic neurosurgery has traditionally required definition of the line between the anterior and posterior commissures as the basis for defining the target site for a procedure such as stereotaxic thalamotomy. While axial computed tomographic (CT) imaging precisely defines the third ventricle and the commissures, the planes of the axial images(More)
(1999) Abnormal photoresponses and light-induced apoptosis in rods lacking rhodopsin kinase. (2001) Multiple phosphorylation of rhodopsin and the in vivo chemistry underlying rod photoreceptor dark adaptation. (2004). Visual pigment phosphorylation but not transducin translocation can contribute to light adaptation in zebrafish cones. (2005). Lightdependent(More)
These studies represent a cross-section of topics and methodologies in choral-related research. This listing is by no means exhaustive. Nor does the inclusion of a study necessarily entail any endorsement of its merit. All studies included here, however, can serve as a departure point and discussion-generator for consideration of the various ingredients of(More)
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