Williamm S Ring

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A finite element model was developed to examine deformation and stress patterns in the mitral valve under systolic loading conditions. This is the first three-dimensional finite element model of the mitral valve, incorporating all essential anatomic components, regional tissue thickness, collagen fiber orientation and related anisotropic material(More)
Surgical repair of the mitral valve primarily involves endogenous valve tissue, however, the intrinsic mechanical behaviour of the tissue is not well described. To address this issue, porcine mitral valve leaflets were examined histologically and engineering concepts were applied to understand the mechanical behaviour of the layered tissue. Rectangular(More)
This paper describes new uncooled strained quantum well lasers for SONET/ SDH systems. New Fabry-Perot lasers for short-haul and intermediate link applications are extremely reliable, have high ex-facet power, and have record low threshold currents, making lower packaging costs possible. Uncooled distributed feedback lasers for the long-haul market at 622(More)
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