WilliamV Good

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A retrospective study of the meteorological relations of eclampsia in Lagos, Nigeria supports other observations that the incidence of this disease varies significantly with the weather. Protective action by arid conditions is consistent with the known effect of dehydration on convulsions of differing aetiologies and is attributable to increased pulmonary(More)
This study reports the likely pattern of change in serum osmolality during the normal ovarian cycle, together with that which occurs during ovulation-induction by gonadotrophin. The variation in serum osmolality is attributed to the action of oestrogen on venous distensibility, and the effect of that response on the osmotic equilibrium between intra- and(More)
The seromucoid fraction of maternal serum glycoproteins is increased in pre-eclampsia and the rise, which is proportional to the severity of the disease, may reflect progressive placental deterioration with increasing trophoblast fragmentation and deportation. The pulmonary lysis of deported trophoblast effects the local release of fetal antigens and(More)
A combined biopharmaceutical and haemodynamic approach to the development of a metoprolol Oros controlled-release delivery system for once daily administration is reported. Two studies, each involving 18 healthy volunteers, were performed in which twice daily administration of 100 mg conventional metoprolol tartrate tablets was compared with once daily(More)
BACKGROUND Juvenile xanthogranuloma (JXG) is an uncommon, usually uncomplicated disease of childhood. Ocular involvement, however, can result in glaucoma and blindness if left untreated. The incidence of ocular complications and how best to screen for their occurrence is unknown. OBJECTIVE We attempted to ascertain management and referral practices among(More)