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This paper considers participatory modelling to integrate biodiversity conservation into land use planning and to facilitate the incorporation of ecological knowledge into public decision making for spatial planning. Réunion Island has experienced rapid urban and agricultural expansion, which threaten its unique biodiversity. In this context, we designed(More)
Prenatal alcohol is associated with a variety of developmental abnormalies, including neuroanatomical, physical and behavioural features. This study was designed to determine the effects of administration of alcohol, exemplified mostly by ethanol (15 ml/kg, 25%, v/v) and acetylsalicylic acid (ASA, 15 mg/kg) as a representative of nonsteroidal(More)
This investigation was designed to determine the effects of administration of honey on sperm parameters and fertility potential in adult male Wistar rats. A total of forty five rats (thirty males and fifteen females) weighing between 225±5g were used for the study. The male rats were divided into 3 groups i.e., 2 experimental and 1 control groups of ten(More)
Intermalleolar distance of 80 adults, (50 normal and30 with genu valgum) of both gender between the age bracket of 18-35years were measuredwith a caliper to establish values for analysis. All subjects are resident in Amassoma, Bayelsa State Nigeria.The mean intermalleiolar distance obtained for normal adult males was 1.79cm with a standard deviation (SD) of(More)
This study was carried out to determine the incidence of agenesis of Palmaris longus muscle and the frequency of left handed individuals among the Ijaw ethnic group in Bayelsa State in Nigeria. A check on the incidence of agenesis was carried out on adult males and females on both hands by inspection. The flexor tendon was made prominence by flexing thumb(More)
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