William Ziccardi

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The yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) multidrug transporter Pdr5p effluxes a broad range of substrates that are variable in structure and mode of action. Previous work suggested that molecular size and ionization could be important parameters. In this study, we compared the relative sensitivity of isogenic PDR5 and pdr5 strains toward putative substrates(More)
Repetitive elements within genomic DNA are both functionally and evolutionarily informative. Discovering these sequences ab initio is computationally challenging, compounded by the fact that selection on these repeats is often relaxed; thus sequence identity between repetitive elements can vary significantly. Here we present a new application, the Monomer(More)
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Human alpha satellite (AS) sequence domains that currently function as centromeres are typically flanked by layers of evolutionarily older AS that presumably represent the remnants of earlier primate centromeres. Studies on several human chromosomes reveal that these older AS arrays are arranged in an age gradient, with the oldest arrays farthest from the(More)
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