William Y. L. Hsieh

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We consider two problems concerning locating change points in a linear regression model. One involves jump discontinuities (change-point) in a regression model and the other involves regression lines connected at unknown points. We compare four methods for estimating single or multiple change points in a regression model, when both the error variance and(More)
  • A C Russell, W L Hsieh, K C Chen, J Heikenfeld, V V V V V V
  • 2015
Dielectrowetting effects of surface wrinkling, isotropic vs anisotropic spreading, electrode geometry, and deterministic dewetting are presented both experimentally and by 3D numerical modeling. The numerical results are generated by COMSOL in conjunction with the phase-field and electrohydrodynamic methods, including comparisons to experimental data. The(More)
We report on the advanced implementation of the biprimary color system in applications where subtractive color is performed inside a single pixel to alter the magnitude and color of reflection (electronic paper displays) or the optical transmission and color temperature (smart windows). A novel device structure can switch between four states: clear, black,(More)
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