William Y. C. Soh

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This paper presents an approach for outdoor robot navigation using Distance Transform Methodology (DT). DT has been used in path planning for indoor robot research and can also be used to perform obstacle avoidance simultaneously. However, when it comes to outdoor robot navigation, the operating environment becomes too large and DT becomes inefficient when(More)
A novel relaxation labeling (RL) method is presented based on Augmented Lagrangian multipliers and the graded Hoppeld neural network (ALH). In this method, an RL problem is converted into a constrained optimization problem and solved by using the augmented Lagrangian and Hoppeld techniques. The ALH method yields results comparable to the best of the(More)
A robust method is presented for computing rotation angles of image sequences from a set of corresponding points containing outliers. Assuming known rotation axis, a least squares (LS) solution can be derived to compute the rotation angle from a clean data set of point correspondences. Since clean data is not guaranteed, we introduce a robust solution,(More)
Robot soccer is a challenging research domain, which involves multiple agents (physical robots or " softbots ") to work together in a dynamic, noisy, cooperative and adversarial environment to achieve specific objectives. The paper focuses on the design and implementation of an effective system for developing a small-size physical soccer team for the(More)
The Robot World Cup Initiative (RoboCup) is an international joint project to promote AI, robotics, and related field [1]. It provides a standard platform for robotic soccer game. The aim of the vision system for RoboCup small robot league is to track and predict the motion states of 10 agents and a ball, and send the states information to the Artificial(More)
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