William Y. C. Soh

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A novel relaxation labeling (RL) method is presented based on Augmented Lagrangian multipliers and the graded Hoppeld neural network (ALH). In this method, an RL problem is converted into a constrained optimization problem and solved by using the augmented Lagrangian and Hoppeld techniques. The ALH method yields results comparable to the best of the(More)
A robust method is presented for computing rotation angles of image sequences from a set of corresponding points containing outliers. Assuming known rotation axis, a least squares (LS) solution can be derived to compute the rotation angle from a clean data set of point correspondences. Since clean data is not guaranteed, we introduce a robust solution,(More)
Robot soccer is a challenging research domain, which involves multiple agents (physical robots or " softbots ") to work together in a dynamic, noisy, cooperative and adversarial environment to achieve specific objectives. The paper focuses on the design and implementation of an effective system for developing a small-size physical soccer team for the(More)
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