William Xie

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This paper presents four distributed motion controllers to enable a group of robots to collectively transport an object towards a guide robot. These controllers include: rotation around a pivot robot, rotation in-place around an estimated centroid of the object, translation, and a combined motion of rotation and translation in which each manipulating robot(More)
Multi-robot manipulation allows for scalable environmental interaction, which is critical for multi-robot systems to have an impact on our world. A successful manipulation model requires cost-effective robots, robust hardware, and proper system feedback and control. This paper details key sensing and manipulator capabilities of the r-one robot. The r-one(More)
We present a scalable distributed path planning algorithm for transporting a large object through an unknown environment using a group of homogeneous robots. The robots are randomly scattered across the terrain and collectively sample the obstacles in the environment in a distributed fashion. Given this sampling and the dimensions of the bounding box of the(More)
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