William Winn

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This is a revision of the chapter on the same topic that appeared in the first edition of the Handbook, published in 1996. In the intervening years, a great many changes have occurred in cog-nitive theory, and its perceived relevance to education has been challenged. As a participant in, and indeed as a promulgator of, some of those changes and challenges,(More)
Students in grades four through twelve from fourteen schools learned to build their own immersive virtual environments (VEs). This required them to decide on the theme of their VE, to determine what objects to place in it and what behaviors these objects would exhibit, to model their objects using CAD software, to specify the form and function of the VE for(More)
In researching educational applications of virtual reality, it is now possible to place several students within a single virtual environment simultaneously. This raises questions regarding the impact of collaboration within the virtual environment on overall learning processes. A preliminary study of 18 sixth graders was conducted for the purpose of(More)
Children without dyslexia (n=10) received nonphonological treatment, and those with dyslexia received phonological (n=11) or nonphonological (n=9) treatment. Before and after treatment they performed aural repeat, visual decode, and aural match pseudoword tasks during functional MRI scanning that separated stimulus input from response production. Group map(More)
Program Authorized to OOer Degree Date In presenting this thesis in partial fullllment of the requirements for a Master's degree at the University o f W ashington, I agree that the Library shall make its copies freely available for inspection. I further agree that extensive copying of this thesis is allowable only for scholarly purposes, consistent with(More)
We briefly introduce the online learning environment INFACT, and then we describe its textual feedback system. The system automatically provides written comments to students as they work through scripted activities related to image processing. The commenting takes place in the context of an online discussion group, to which students are posting answers to(More)