William Whittaker

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Robots can locomote using body motions; not wheels or legs. Natural analogues, such as snakes, although capable of such locomotion, are understood only in a qualitative sense and the detailed mechanics, sensing and control of snake motions are not well understood. Historically, mobile vehicles for terrestrial use have either been wheeled, tracked or legged.(More)
The diagnosis of angina pectoris is usually based on the history alone, and in most cases this is conclusive. When, however, the quality, site, distribution, duration, or relationship to effort of a suspicious chest pain does not conform to classical coilcepts, a reliable objective test is needed. Two such tests have been used widely, the effort test as(More)
Changes were made to the management and delivery of primary dental care in the NHS in England in 2006 aimed at improving access to NHS dental services among populations with low use. These included: (i) commissioning of NHS dental services by primary care trusts (ii) replacing item of service patient charges by Course of Treatment cost bands and (iii)(More)
The importance of allocating services in accordance with population needs is well-established. Needs-based approaches to geographical resource allocation were established in the National Health Service in the UK in the 1970s, but the role of population needs has not extended to planning for the quantity and mix of health care services or for the providers(More)
A new project called Life in the Atacama (LITA) motivates navigational autonomy over 100 kilometers and over days or weeks. LITA is chartered to develop technology to enable robotic astrobiology, while at the same time conducting useful research into the extremes of life on Earth. Two years from now, the team must demonstrate coordinated robotic science(More)
The objective of this study was to analyse associations between sexualised substance use (chemsex), STI diagnoses and sexual behaviour among gay bisexual and other men who have sex with men accessing sexual health clinics to better inform clinical pathways. A retrospective case notes review was undertaken following the introduction of more detailed and(More)
BACKGROUND Health services across the world increasingly face pressures on the use of expensive hospital services. Better organisation and delivery of primary care has the potential to manage demand and reduce costs for hospital services, but routine primary care services are not open during evenings and weekends. Extended access (evening and weekend(More)