William West

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BACKGROUND Family and friend participation may provide culturally salient social support for weight loss in African American adults. METHODS SHARE (Supporting Healthy Activity and eating Right Everyday) was a 2-year trial of a culturally specific weight loss program. African American women and men who enrolled alone (individual stratum, 63 index(More)
This study sought to identify how urban gay communities are undergoing structural change, reasons for that change, and implications for HIV prevention planning. Key informants (N=29) at the AIDS Impact Conference from 17 cities in 14 countries completed surveys and participated in a facilitated structured dialog about if gay communities are changing, and if(More)
From 1963 to 1983, I treated 100 patients with polycythemia vera, using phlebotomy and the adjunctive agent hydroxyurea. These 78 male and 22 female patients ranged in age from 24 to 88 years (mean 55.7). Duration of therapy ranged from three to 216 months (mean 64.9). The mean daily dose was 0.72 gm, and the median dose was 0.64 gm. Hydroxyurea gave(More)
Spirituality refers to an attempt to understand the meaning and purpose of life; it may or may not involve organized religion and it may or may not involve a belief in a higher being [1]. The relationship between spirituality and health care has been receiving increasing attention recently [1–7]. This interest in spiritual-ity has occurred because of a(More)
PURPOSE Cancers exposed to chemotherapy develop multidrug resistance, a major cause for chemotherapy failure. One mechanism of multidrug resistance development is due to overexpression of P-glycoprotein (Pgp) in these cancer cells. Thus, a prechemotherapy evaluation of Pgp in cancer cells aids in the design of alternative regimens that can circumvent such(More)
BACKGROUND A coalition of formal, large organizations and informal, grassroots organizations, recruited through an open process, contrasts with the usual practice of developing a community-based participatory research (CBPR) coalition with a small number of well-developed organizations. OBJECTIVES This paper describes the process, developmental(More)