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Adaptive orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) has recently been recognized as a promising technique for providing high spectral efficiency in future broadband wireless systems. The research over the last decade on adaptive OFDMA systems has focused on adapting the allocation of radio resources, such as subcarriers and power, to the(More)
In wireless location-aware networks, mobile nodes (agents) typically obtain their positions using the range measurements to the nodes with known positions. Transmit power allocation not only affects network lifetime and throughput, but also determines localization accuracy. In this paper, we present an optimization framework for robust power allocation in(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic wounds are associated with a number of deficiencies in critical wound healing processes, including growth factor signaling and neovascularization. Human-derived placental tissues are rich in regenerative cytokines and have been shown in randomized clinical trials to be effective for healing chronic wounds. In this study, PURION® Processed(More)
Despite enormous investigative efforts, the pathological basis for Alzheimer's disease remains unclear. Suggested mechanisms for the disorder include cerebral hypoperfusion, inflammation, gene polymorphisms, and molecular lesions in the brain. In this Hypothesis, we argue that the vascular endothelial cell has a central role in the progressive destruction(More)
Human papillomavirus (HPV) type 58 has been found to be prevalent among Chinese patients with cervical cancer. This study examined the oncogenic risk of HPV58 variants in Hong Kong, a southern part of China. Altogether, 1924 women were studied: 42.8% with a normal cervix, 16.2% with cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) I, 12.7% with CIN II, 20.8% with(More)
Human amnion/chorion tissue derived from the placenta is rich in cytokines and growth factors known to promote wound healing; however, preservation of the biological activities of therapeutic allografts during processing remains a challenge. In this study, PURION® (MiMedx, Marietta, GA) processed dehydrated human amnion/chorion tissue allografts (dHACM,(More)
—Indoor navigation using the existing wireless infrastructure and mobile devices is a very active research area. The major challenge is to leverage the extensive smartphone sensor suite to achieve location tracking with high accuracy. In this paper, we develop a navigation algorithm which fuses the WiFi received signal strength indicator (RSSI) and(More)
Between 2000 and 2050, the number of new cancer patients diagnosed annually is expected to double, with an accompanying increase in treatment costs of more than $80 billion over just the next decade. Efficacious strategies for cancer prevention will therefore be vital for improving patients' quality of life and reducing healthcare costs. Judah Folkman first(More)
—Many future wireless applications rely on the availability of position information for mobile wireless nodes (agents). Such information can be obtained through ranging between agents and fixed infrastructure (anchors). Since transmission power efficiency affects network lifetime, throughput, and interference , in this paper we will investigate the power(More)
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