William Weathers

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We describe a superparallel holographic optical correlator that performs two-dimensional spatial and angular multiplexing simultaneously. The key step in this architecture is the use of a holographic multiplexer to split a query image into many copies before it applies them to the holographic database. A holographic demultiplexer, in conjunction with an(More)
Wayfinding in unfamiliar environments can pose a challenge to anyone, but can be especially challenging to someone who has some sort of visual loss. In this paper we describe an indoor navigation aid that uses Bayesian statistics to localize and guide an individual from an unspecified location within a building to a specific destination. We also present(More)
Osseous scaphotrapezial coalition is one of the rarest forms of carpal coalition of the hand. Often discovered incidentally, pain and functional limitation have not been reported. Carpal coalitions occurring across the carpal rows are thought to occur as a result of some insult or congenital anomaly. Isolated scaphotrapezial coalition calls into question(More)
The cleft nasal deformity is a complex challenge in plastic surgery involving the skin, cartilage, mucosa, and skeletal platform. Ever since Blair and Brown first described the intricacies of the cleft pathology in 1931, the appropriate approach has been extensively debated in the literature with respect to timing, technique, and extent of surgical(More)
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